10. juni 2020

”Gilgamesh” er første del i Hotel Pro Formas underverdenstrilogi, som fortsættes med Amduat. En iltmaskine og Operation : Orfeo i 2021.

Lydproduktion, optagelser, redigering og mix: Troels Bech

Copyright: Hotel Pro Forma, Morten Søndergaard, Sophus Helle og Gyldendal, 2020


dsok 26. juni 2020 14:15 Slet

The eleventh autonomous electoral campaign in Galicia begins, and it does so granting the candidate for reelection as president, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, a broad advantage over his opponents, thus approaching a new absolute majority in the autonomous Parliament.The daily tracking that the Sondaxe Institute prepares for La Voz de Galicia - which renews 25% of its respondents every day - grants an absolute majority of 41 seats for Alberto Núñez Feijoo fifteen days after the elections. It thus maintains the same representation that the respondents assigned to it a day earlier, and the one that it has enjoyed in the last four years, but the PP lists now reach the highest estimated percentage of vote since the study was carried out, touching almost 48% ; if confirmed, it would be almost four tenths more than four years ago. In one day, more than one point rose in the provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra, and went above 53% of the votes in those of Lugo and Ourense.

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